Embedded View

The product built in the course, Fast Feedback, is meant to be embedded into existing websites. This allows users to seamlessly add comments, reviews, and other forms of feedback to their site. Let's create a method for embedding feedback into a different site.


We can embed our route into another site in one line code of using an iframe. This is crucial because it requires no extra JavaScript for the consumer, if necessary. A static page is served and regenerated periodically to show all comments that have been approved.

<iframe src="https://fastfeedback.io/embed/SITE_ID/ROUTE" />

Catch All Routes

As you might have noticed from the above URL, we can include a site ID and route in the URL. Inside Fast Feedback, we need a way to fetch both parameters so we can query the correct data.

We can accomplish this using catch all routes. This is an extension of dynamic routing that uses three dots (...) to get any number of parameters.

For example, pages/embed/[...site].js matches both /embed/SITE_ID as well as /embed/SITE_ID/ROUTE – perfect! Let's create a new file pages/embed/[...site].js so we can consume the catch all route.


import { Box, Text } from '@chakra-ui/core'
import Feedback from '@/components/Feedback'
import { getAllFeedback, getAllSites, getSite } from '@/lib/db-admin'
export async function getStaticProps(context) {
// Destructure [...site], which is an array, to get the id and route
const [siteId, route] = context.params.site
// We can update `getAllFeedback` to filter by `route`
const { feedback } = await getAllFeedback(siteId, route)
return {
props: {
// Revalidate the page after 1 second
revalidate: 1,
export async function getStaticPaths() {
// Create a embedded path for every site
const { sites } = await getAllSites()
const paths = sites.map((site) => ({
params: {
// Note that catch all routes take an array here
site: [site.id.toString()],
return {
fallback: true,
const EmbeddedFeedbackPage = ({ feedback }) => (
<Box display="flex" flexDirection="column" width="full">
{feedback?.length ? (
feedback.map((_feedback, index) => (
<Feedback key={_feedback.id} {..._feedback} />
) : (
<Text>There are no comments for this site.</Text>
export default EmbeddedFeedbackPage

Iframe Resizer

When embedding the feedback iframe, you might want to automatically resize the height to its contents. This can be achieved using iframe-resizer.

For example, if you are using React, you can add iframe-resizer-react and do something like this. This library is 5.8kB minified + gzipped with no dependencies.

width: '1px',
minWidth: '100%',

To enable this on the embed side, we need to install iframe-resizer and include the JS snippet inside the embedded route.

$ yarn add iframe-resizer


import 'iframe-resizer/js/iframeResizer.contentWindow';