Editing Feedback

After feedback is left on a site, it's initially pending. Then, a user can toggle whether it's active or not. Let's create a table row that allows the site owner to toggle visibility for a piece of feedback.

First, we need to target the correct document and forward a new set of values. This will only update in fields based on newValues. Any other existing feedback data will not be modified. For example, if we forward new values of {'status': 'active'}, no other field on the document will change except status.


export function updateFeedback(id, newValues) {
return firestore.collection('feedback').doc(id).update(newValues)

Finally, we can create a new component to use Chakra's Switch. When the switch is toggled, we update the feedback in the database and mutate the API route. You'll notice that we await the update process to ensure it has finished before mutating the cache.


import React, { useState } from 'react'
import { Box, Code, Switch } from '@chakra-ui/core'
import { mutate } from 'swr'
import { Td } from './Table'
import { useAuth } from '@/lib/auth'
import { updateFeedback } from '@/lib/db'
import DeleteFeedbackButton from './DeleteFeedbackButton'
const FeedbackRow = ({ id, author, text, route, status }) => {
const auth = useAuth()
const isChecked = status === 'active'
const toggleFeedback = async () => {
await updateFeedback(id, { status: isChecked ? 'pending' : 'active' })
mutate(['/api/feedback', auth.user.token])
return (
<Box as="tr" key={id}>
<Td fontWeight="medium">{author}</Td>
<Code>{route || '/'}</Code>
<Switch color="green" onChange={toggleFeedback} isChecked={isChecked} />
<DeleteFeedbackButton feedbackId={id} />
export default FeedbackRow