Absolute Imports and Aliases

As you've noticed, we've started to build out a few top-level directories like components and util. As this application grows, so will the size of the import statements. To prevent the ../../../../ spaghetti, we can use absolute imports and aliases.

🚫 import { getAllSites } from '../../../lib/db-admin';
import { getAllSites } from '@/lib/db-admin';

Next.js 9.4 makes setting up absolute imports super simple for both JavaScript and TypeScript projects. All you need to do is to add the baseUrl config to jsconfig.json (JS projects) or tsconfig.json (TS projects).

This will allow absolute imports from . (the root directory). It also integrates with VSCode and other editors, supporting code navigation and other editor features.

Furthermore, Next.js 9.4 also supports the paths option, which allows you to create custom module aliases. Let's set this up for our application.


"compilerOptions": {
"baseUrl": ".",
"paths": {
"@/components/*": ["components/*"],
"@/lib/*": ["lib/*"],
"@/styles/*": ["styles/*"],
"@/utils/*": ["utils/*"]

Take this opportunity to go back and update all paths to use the new syntax. Going forward, all code snippets will use this new style.


You can find & replace in VSCode to simplify this.

VSCode Documentation